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On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read.

Movie Reviews        
             My favorite movie is The Chorincles of Narnia.Good moveis I've seen  The Brother's Grim,Which is a very good strech of the imgination fantsy and action movie. Guess Who which I don't really like it but its ok. It's an ok comedy I've seen better comedys. I've seen more, but this is all I'm going to tell. If you have seen any good movies Send me an e-mail @

The Chroincles of Narnia

The Chroincles of Narania where the animals talk ,the fires dance, and where a witch and a lion are at war with each other over land. So its up to Peter,Edmud, Susian,and Lucy the kings and queens of Narnia to save what is left good in Narnaia.The lion represents Jesus the witch represents the devil who do you think will win if you've seen it you already know.

Book Reviews

Life Belts, by Jane Hosie-Bounar

This is an excellent book about the friendship of two teenage girls. It felt really true-to-life and has a very moving ending.
-Posted 1/15/01